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About Us

Founded  in 1996, AXIS is a creative, value-based organization emphasizing respectful, responsive support for people who have intellectual, physical, and mental health disabilities. 


Our strong management and program team has considerable expertise in health systems, therapy, behavior management, assistive technology and adaptive equipment.


AXIS offers in residential and in-home support to adults who experience intellectual, physical and development disabilities in community based programs through the Twin Cities.  Licensed programs include Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID) and Home and Community Based Waivered Services.

AXIS Minnesota, Inc. programs:
     •  AXIS / Eldridge  .  Roseville, MM
     •  AXIS / Glenhill  .  Shoreview, MN
     •  AXIS / White Bear Ave  .  White Bear Lake, MN
     •  AXIS / Belmont  .  Roseville, MN
     •  AXIS / Seneca  .  White Bear Township, MN
     •  AXIS / St. Michael  .  Moundsview, MN
AXIS Alternatives, Inc. programs:
     •  AXIS / County Road E  .  White Bear Township, MN
     •  AXIS / Wellington  .  Burnsville, MN
     •  AXIS / EVE . East Bethel, MN

Collaboration with Family Residential Service providers:       
Ramsey County
     •  Anoka County

In home Family supports

     •  Ramsey County     
     •  Anoka County
     •  Scott County
     •  Hennepin County


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